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Dads and daughters sex videos free

As things calmed down he said "I hope I didn't offend you" and I told him it was the hottest thing I'd ever done. His balls were massive and hairy and swayed slowly as he stroked his cock. His cock was about 8 inches long and very fat even though it wasn't fully hard. My name is Dave and I'm a 50 year old, divorced father with a 26 year old daughter. Soon he was holding my head in both hands as he humped up into my mouth and then he said "I hope you swallow cause I'm cumming" and he began to pump massive loads of hot cum in my mouth and throat. Suddenly he said "take it baby, take daddies cum" and then I could see his giant cock and balls jerk every time they delivered a load of hot cum into my daughters pussy. We were watching a bad movie and she said she was cold so she went and got a big blanket. Ed told me that she reminded him of his daughter and that he thought she was slutty enough to fuck us both. He undid his pants and pulled them down exposing his huge cock and balls. As Ed shoved his big cock in my daughter she began to undue my pants as I sat under her head. It was hot and very hard and it felt really heavy as I stroked it. When I looked, the couple were changing position on the bed. She quit sucking Eds cock long enough to say "now lick me". Ed has rented from me for over 3 years and we are good friends. When the video started, you could see a naked plump brunette sleeping on a bed. Ed was holding her hips and pumping his big cock in her at a frantic pace. When I had them off, I was staring at my daughters beautiful ass and pussy. He asked me if I liked porn and I told him it had to be better than what we were watching. I hugged my heaving daughter close to me and shoved my cock deep in her and released the biggest load of hot cum ever, into her willing pussy. I was so turned on now that I was just watching Ed stroke his big cock and wishing I had the guts to touch it or suck it. About 3 months ago, my own daughter Lisa came to live with me. Things get really heated on the hike when they realize their attraction to each other His balls hung low in their sack and were covered with thick pubic hair. One night we were all drinking and Lisa was wearing a thong bikini. Her eyes rolled back and her whole body began to jerk as she repeated "oh daddy, oh daddy, oh daddy" and by then I couldn't hold back. When I unzipped and pulled my own cock out, Ed stood up and took his shirt off and kicked his pants aside and then sat back down closer to me.

Dads and daughters sex videos free

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Dads and daughters sex videos free

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    I was getting embarrassed because I had a hardon but when I looked over at Ed, he was openly rubbing his hard cock through his pants. Suddenly she started pulling me on top of her and she was saying "hurry, I want to cum with my dads cock in me" and as I slid my cock in her she went into a spasm on my dick.


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