There may be cramping, pain or spotting after insertion. To avoid weight gain, women should watch their calorie intake and get lots of exercise. The condom is placed into the woman's vagina. Inserting it may interrupt sex. A small percentage of women are allergic to copper. The actual diaphragm and the spermicide used with the diaphragm are located at the local pharmacy or a drugstore. Frequent daily use of spermicides containing nonoxynol-9 can irritate the vagina, increasing your risk for HIV and some other STIs. Don't leave a diaphragm in for more than 24 hours after intercourse.

Different types of protection for sex

Vaginal contraceptive film can be found at many pharmacies, drug stores, and family planning clinics. Frequent daily use of spermicides containing nonoxynol-9 can irritate the vagina, increasing your risk for HIV and some other STIs. You must remember to insert a new ring on the same day one week after you removed the old ring. Cervical fluid quickly dries up after ovulation. Diaphragm What is a diaphragm? No fluid or much less fluid is deposited in the vagina or anus. The condom can be put in several hours in advance of sexual intimacy. Some women are allergic to injectables. It can be used by individuals who are allergic or sensitive to latex. Must be inserted by a doctor, nurse practitioner, nurse midwife or physician's assistant. If external and internal condoms are used at the same time, they may break due to friction between the materials during sexual activity. A woman will probably be given a date to return about one month after insertion to check out the insertion site and to answer any questions she may have. Contraceptive Sponge What is the contraceptive sponge? It causes some women pain or discomfort. He then ejaculates outside of his partner. This includes penetration of the anus by fingers, hands, or sex toys such as dildos. When a man senses that he is about to ejaculate come , he pulls his penis out of the vagina or anus. How do I get the ring? Sexual penetration of orifices mouth, vagina, anus and sharing body fluids such as semen, blood, vaginal fluids, and rectal mucus between sexual partners carry the most risk for STIs. Suppositories can be messy. Recent analysis shows that use of IUDs carries no increased risk of reproductive tract infections. The Shield What is the shield? To find a list of the different brands of birth control pills and the dosage number of pills you will need to take for each brand to be effective as EC, visit: It can be put into the vagina up to 20 minutes before sexual intercourse, but it is also effective immediately. The shield and the spermicide work together. Contraceptive Suppositories What are contraceptive suppositories? A diaphragm gives a woman fairly good control over contraception.

Different types of protection for sex

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Different types of protection for sex

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