Both Sansa and Arya agree that he is not dead, that he is the three-eyed raven now. The spring sun rises above Winterfell. Sansa tells them the dead will destroy the vale now that the north fell. Jon almost manages to destroy him several times but the Night king wounds him three times. Theon decides to stay aboard the Silence in hiding while his men take Yara to safety. Danerys vows to crucify her when she gets to Kings Landing. Cersei tells the people to burn their dead, but they refuse. They fight to the death and it looks like Euron is winning when the ice dragon destroys a chunk of the nearby fleet. Jon and Danerys are better prepared this time.

Eye of the needle sex scene

She tells Cersei she learned everything from her, what to do and what not to do, and then she gives her an ultimatum, to abdicate before the break of dawn or be executed. It looks like Cersei is about to die when she stabs him and he falls on his knees. They rule together, not as king and queen but as mediators between kingdoms. There is no doubt in the outline he was the one to kill Brienne. There is infighting among the armies. They struggle bitterly and Jamie dies first. Cersei feels the tremors. Jon says he feels death coming, that this is his last life. Arya says she will be leaving Westeros for a while, that she is restless and eager to see the world. Sansa leaves the red keep unharmed. The children kill them. Tyrion is enraged and has a falling out with Varys. Grey worm realizes Cersei is not there. Arya takes off her little bird face and tells Qyburn he's been mocking death with his experiments, and that the god of death will not be pleased. Tyrion knows exactly who killed Varys but won't say. Bran gathers all the strength left to him and wargs from a wight into the Night king, rendering him motionless. Euron refuses and threatens to take the golden company with him. He burns a big part of the golden company and retreats to riverrun. They are all dead now. He says they need an army only she can get. In Winterfell, Bran watches the battle and sees the night king coming at jon at full speed in what looks like a sure death. Sam is taken aback when Danerys apologises and says she should have only killed the father. The battle north of Winterfell ends episode 2 and it's a disaster. He also questions his loyalty to his queen. They take food and distribute it as much as they can. The battle stops as living and dead alike stare at the wildfire explosion, and Drogon flying on top of it glowing green.

Eye of the needle sex scene

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Eye of the needle sex scene

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