To lead or cause to go along to another place: Sports To catch or receive a ball or puck: An attempt or a try: The skin graft took. To choose for one's own use; avail oneself of the use of: To remove with the hands or an instrument: To use something as a means of conveyance or transportation: The bed took up half of the room.

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To go or leave: To attend or experience: To accept work to be done in one's house for pay: She took over the job after he left. To achieve success or popularity: She took a seat by the fireplace. To assume the control or management of or the responsibility for: This book takes its title from the Bible. John takes after his grandfather. To be as a path or course for; provide a way for: May I take your smile as an indication of approval? Sports To catch or receive a ball or puck: To undertake or begin to handle: Don't take silence for approval. To start growing; root or germinate: The television series never took and was later canceled. The plane took off on time. To secure by application to an authority: The blight took these tomatoes. The skin graft took. To cause to die; kill or destroy: To assume control, management, or responsibility: To draw in; inhale: The team took the field. To reduce in size; shorten or tighten: The police took out after the thieves.

Free matur sex over 70

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Free matur sex over 70

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    To seize with authority or legal right: It takes money to live in this town.


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