It's a personal choice, and many things in your life are going to continue to go on just as normally as they did before. If you have to convince someone to do anything with you, that isn't consensual. Do you understand the laws governing who you can and cannot have sex with at this age? If you're both close in age then neither of you will own a house or a car and you probably aren't left alone for significant periods of time by your guardians so where exactly are you planning on having sex? It doesn't need to happen after a certain number of dates.

Girls having sex before 12

It shouldn't matter when your friends did it. Furthermore, you have to be prepared for parents and teachers to find out and you have to be willing to take your punishment at this point. That can be a little scary, but it's normal. If you're a minor having sex with an adult, that is neither legal nor consensual. That doesn't mean you have to immediately do it again if you don't want to see previous slide. If you want to take a break for a while after your first time, that is one hundred percent okay. At your age everyone just wants to be accepted and people will tend to let others push them around if they think it will make them cool and desired. You still have practice, you still have school, you still go to work. Wait a little while until you're physically and emotionally more developed and in a better place in life more conducive to starting and maintaining healthy sexual relationships because I can guarantee you that even if you do go have sex at age 12 it won't be good and you'll regret it when you're older. You are of course capable of having penetrative penis in vagina sex at age 12 but whether or not you or anyone your age should is another question entirely. Now let's discuss how you're going to navigate a post sex relationship with another person. It's your personal business and you don't owe anyone the details. You have to continuously ensure that consent hasn't been revoked and at 12, if one of you feels uncomfortable or wants to back out, you might not be confident enough to say something which means that it's no longer sex, its rape. Just because you've done it once, doesn't mean you are ever obligated to do it again until you feel comfortable. Rather, it's just good to remember that the more you do it, the more comfortable you'll probably feel, so things can really only improve from your first time. All of this is normal, and you just need to figure out what it may mean for you specifically. If you have to ask your parents for the money that you will then use to buy protection you shouldn't be having sex. Can you afford condoms or some other form of protection and can you manage to procure these in the first place? Don't let a thought of how much it "should" hurt keep you from communicating to your partner how you are feeling. Furthermore, consent isn't just a one off thing given before having sex. Gossip travels quickly among children so it's bound to happen and you have to be ready to accept the consequences of your actions. It's the responsibility of both partners to ensure that they are as protected as possible when having sex so do you know about all the different forms of birth control and which one is best for your needs? On the flip side, they also might build up their experience, so you shouldn't feel disappointed if yours isn't the same either. Do you have the money and means to protect yourself and your partner from the aforementioned risks of sex? It doesn't need to happen after a certain number of dates. It doesn't mean that it isn't a big choice in your life, but whether you have had sex or not, you are still the same "you" and it's normal for things to just keep going on around you as they did before.

Girls having sex before 12

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Girls having sex before 12

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    It's going to be different for everyone. You definitely aren't alone in how you're feeling just because you're a girl.


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