Karma is real and it's Coming I'll let him Pee on me. She most likely would not be telling her story had she got the 3k. I have never in my life witnessed so much disrespect in an interview.. I think the same thing has happened to Bill Cosby.

Kelly r scandal sex tape

I have never in my life witnessed so much disrespect in an interview.. Author — Jahmin Maximin Soleyn Everyone needs to chill hue Hefner did this for years and no one said shit but now it's r Kelly and it's a problem Author — All that money R Kelly giving away Author — Michelle Bridges This was a very good video, and you had receipts. She acknowledged she made a mistake, why keep beating that drum? He knows he can prey on the weak. Stop talking about what you would have done. I pray that he gets the help he needs, pays for the lives he's disrupted, and truly repents for the damage he has caused. Author — Kim Walker I think it's all pure wickedness, even the "justice system". So, why badger her with numerous questions insinuating that she was a prostitute!?!?!? Author — Reginald McBride I didn't like this interview. I feel like your not giving her a chance. Why you keep asking her condescending questions. Author — Jodhi Givhan Don't care point blank all those girls where's their parents he is not only to blame! When you are at desperate times and at desperate measures you do not always think clearly. This is about R Kelly. That lady didn't deserve all that judgment from you smh Author — krytracy Wow Kelly suffer from mental illness and it was never probably addressed or dealt with. And y is she constantly comparing herself to her. Smh Author — How tf did I get here? I cannot with Robert Kelly. This woman was certainly not an innocent party, just naive and desperate. I got a gift of reading people. She was just a child and he exploited her innocence. OMG Why can't he find a woman his own age with the mind of a 15 year old, there are plenty of them. Author — So nobody talks about all these white dude sleeping with yoing children Author — trevon hill You know it was mentioned that he was abused by an older woman, well that still doesn't give him the right or a pass to abuse and ruin other people's lives.

Kelly r scandal sex tape

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Kelly r scandal sex tape

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