He possesses Bear, Eddie, and Katie throughout a school day, and Nate realizes the only way to beat him is with Babblong's power to make people ramble on uncontrollably. He is a palette swap for Blazion and Quaken. Whisper reveals that he is the only Yo-kai capable of stopping the sweating of Swelton, and this fact makes Swelton happy as he has never had a friend before. Kanami Minami A mysterious girl coming from a parallel world who appears in the 3rd movie. The Kaima Tribe is introduced in Yo-kai Watch 2.

Kirameki no kyodai sex crime

He also has a rebellious daughter who hangs out at the club Komajiro used to work as a DJ. He and the Brushidos end up fighting the Messyrai which were attracted to Jibanyan being messy. After Nate begins using Wazzat selfishly, he realizes he must stop Wazzat from causing any more trouble. Moon Rabbit Team , while those with fictional character biographies and casting information have made appearances in the television series. Brokenbrella turns Keita's umbrella inside out, and then Keita calls on Pallysol to help teach Brokenbrella how to be a better umbrella, both of them managing to survive a rainstorm's strong winds. Nate prompts her to recapacitate after defeating the whale Yo-kai's second form, Kujiraman. He is a darker recolored version of Blazion. He used to be a simple hat and was the favorite of his owner. Melissa Hutchison A Yo-kai in a bucket that enjoys licking bathtubs. Afterwards, Wazzat gave Nate his medal. He ultimately finds it in Robonyan, who is oddly enjoying being ravaged by Karakuri Benkei's naginata, even after he nearly goes critical. He appeared in episode 50 with the Brushidos where they helped Nate clean up his house while his parents are away. Nate asks for his help so he can stay home from school to play a video game all day, but his power is actually one to fool other people into thinking the person he possesses is sick by making them feel sick, even though they do not have a fever or any other symptoms to accompany it. Brent Pendergrass A lion-like Yo-kai who can make the saddest people cheer up at any time. Yuko Sasamoto A Yo-kai who steals the things that people mistakenly leave at home. Each tribe has its own special song that is played when the Yo-kai is summoned. Mr Zen An old Buddhist monk which allows the player to fuse some Yo-kai with items or other Yo-kai to cause them to evolve. B3-NK1 is a recolored version of Benkei. But when he gets, angry his face and muscles burst out from his mochi body. He is a recolored version of Undy. Kanami Minami A mysterious girl coming from a parallel world who appears in the 3rd movie. Charlie Manjimutt's enemy during his stay at Alcatraz and a serial killer. The two Yo-kai go back and forth, possessing Katie repeatedly until D'wanna loses the will to keep fighting. Janitor The rebellious daughter of Mr. The Brushidos then end up fighting the Messyrai which were attracted to Jibanyan being messy. Lie-in Heart possesses Bear before the school year starts again, and Nate begs him to help him get ready for the new semester of classes as he forgot to do his homework over summer break. He is the evolved form of Lie-in.

Kirameki no kyodai sex crime

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Kirameki no kyodai sex crime

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    B3-NK1 is a recolored version of Benkei. Arnold Bearmie's older boyfriend who resembles Arnold Schwarzenegger.


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