Historically, attitudes to sexuality in Ancient Rus were contradictory. There was no guarantee of untouchable or secure private or personal life. Some of u in these comments are completely oblivious to the True meaning of love. I mean, that's one of our privileges and that's one of our rights that I was fighting for in this country - freedom of speech. Males are abused by a variety of words for stupid and unmanly usually through pejorative terms for gay. Etymological study discloses the Indo-European origin of fundamental swear words, some of them going back many centuries to the pre-Indo- European language Plutser-Sarno, To answer this question, Igor Kon, a well-known Russian sexologist and psychologist, looks back on Ancient Rus This sensitive topic is not easy to write about, not to mention speak about, as swear words are most powerful and leave no one unperturbed, except, perhaps, for those who utter them.

Most logical argument against same sex marriage

And because of efforts like yours I hope to see one day when all Americans are treated equally with dignity and respect. Author — what god do you believe in and whats your accent Author — I'm scared. They should retrain themselves and not advertise their deviant preferences, capeesh? Historically, attitudes to sexuality in Ancient Rus were contradictory. This is a natural defense mechanism, since epidemiologists teach us to steer clear from these 4 liquids as they are abundant in parasitic organisms and bacteria. It always amuses me when someone brings out the "it will make people uncomfortable to serve with gay people. I wonder what percentage of soldiers in WWII and Korea felt the same way about sleeping and serving with black soldiers, and does it really matter? Author — First of all what's wrong with polyamory? However, some sources illustrate that the history of Russian mat is somewhat different. Russians treat their obscene language as immeasurably more influential than English cursing. He's made a jackass of himself! So bombing people in their own homes in their own country when they haven't attacked you is moral, going to war when you KNOW the intelligence is a lie, and stealing the treasury of a powerful nation to kill thousands is alright, but what two adults do for fun in their own homes is worthy of your moral outrage? It was the Gulag of Russian linguistics, a vast and sophisticated network of wit and sarcasm, informed almost entirely by sex. This is an indication that to every literate adult reading is automatic and involuntary; it is not separate from processing the meaning of the word. Overcoming these fears is mainly possible through mass media, literature and arts. I should not be forced to shower with a woman. If someone says "I'm gay", they're out. According to Uspenskiy , bawdy language roots from pagan prayers or incantations because the source of most evil entities is pagan gods. Taking a partner that you are attracted to is a natural action almost all human beings engage in. At the same time, Russian profanities have an obvious anti- Christian nature, which also proves their pagan origin. If you think its okay for a man serving in the military to bring up his wife or girlfriend in conversation, then it should be okay for him to bring up his boyfriend as well. They are a window that reveals the extent of social development and culture. On the whole, Russian sexual culture develops in the same way as in the West, although there is a tendency for a delay of twenty or thirty years. The highly popular words of male, female organs and their interaction are the core of both Russian and English obscenities. This policy has been working excellently since Clinton imposed it. Steven Pinker gives an interesting explanation of cursing in his talk at Authors Google in September 24, www. I believe homosexual acts between two individuals are immoral and that we should not condone immoral acts.

Most logical argument against same sex marriage

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The Most Logical Argument Against Same Sex Marriage

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Most logical argument against same sex marriage

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