I smiled lustfully up at them and began to stroke their warm, firm meat. She gave me a little teasing smile before diverting her attention back to our son's thick, throbbing meat. And I guess I was always going to do what Adam and Laura asked of me. I looked up at him with pleading, enquiring eyes. Lying back on Adam's bed, I finally began to stroke my hard, aroused cock, masturbating myself while all the time in my mind flashed images of what could be happening in the next room, images of my wife lying back, her luscious curves draped in flimsy lingerie, her pussy penetrated by my son's big, hard cock.

Mother son story lust sex

My hunky son was there, sat on the sofa in jeans and a tight t-shirt that showed off his rippling muscles, but there were three other people in the room as well. I could see why she wanted it so bad, after all so did I, but still I was surprised at how quickly and eagerly she acted on her impulses. And that seemed to be enough to send him over the edge. Sauro Moyo says, "This is strange. She had obviously been planning this as she took out a short length of rope. Talking about the issue just angers them. I knew, however, that Adam was the only other person in the house and felt a flush of embarrassment run right through me which, in an instant, killed off my growing erection and left my cock pretty flaccid once more. It's amazing how little you can be aware of what's going on around you, right underneath your nose, even right in front of your eyes sometimes. They only saw her ferrying her property to a bus stop in an ox- drawn cart on the morning that she left. I knew that they knew quite how much I was getting off on this and that my son and my wife now knew that they could do whatever they wanted and taunt and tease me about it and, rather than be pissed off, I'd be really turned on. I was wearing no bra, instead I just wore a tiny, tight red PVC halterneck top that exposed my midriff. Betty Mbereko, the mother, is said to have decided that it was better to "marry" her son, Farai, because she was not interested in her late husband's younger brothers who would normally have been expected to take her as wife. I knew now just what I wanted. I was kind of surprised at how quickly this strange new idea had taken hold of me. They stared into each other's eyes as their lips pressed together and their tongues rubbed across one another. Even young children said they had heard of the incident but were not allowed to speak about it or go near the former Mbereko homestead. My nephews were obviously beginning to warm to the idea of their family's incestuous fun, although I could no longer see what they were doing with my face buried between my son's legs. I smiled lustfully up at them and began to stroke their warm, firm meat. Finally, her body shook with an orgasm of her own as her pussy juices mixed with the unusual taste of Adam's cum, and I drank it all down, no longer concerned for my own shame and humiliation, my cock hard as a rock and desperate for some attention but my hands were still tied behind my back. I can't believe my dad's such a queer little slut! My wife continued to stroke Adam's cock, milking him for as much cum as he could give. I couldn't quite believe it, but the sight of my gorgeous wife giving herself up to passionately thrilling sex was turning me on. The feel of satin on my skin was very sensual and really managed to get me completely imagining myself as a hot slut desperate for my son's cock. Laura was now unbuttoning his jeans and pulling them down around his ankles. I watched his tight arse rise back as he withdrew a little from her pussy before shafting her harder and deeper and making her whimper with pleasure once more. He knelt between her legs and held his firm, erect, monster cock at the mouth of her wet, waiting pussy. Maybe that was something to do with the way I was dressed.

Mother son story lust sex

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Mother son story lust sex

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