The place is pretty easy to locate with the directions given on phone and there is ample parking place on the street. She shared her number as well. I then lay face down on the table and the massage started from my legs. Of course there is the disclaimer that if the number is also found in any website all bets are off and I would not mind sharing it with anyone who asks. The whole thing was over in around minutes. He asked me to go for the Aunty who he said was very cooperative and gave a great massage too. She said she is giving up the room which is in pathetic condition and will set up in adjacent place on same floor and will be run and managed well but eh girls.

Naked image of sexy girl

Incidentally she was dismissive about the sandwich massage saying that for it to be good both the girls need to be similarly skilled, hinting that the other 2 girls were not as experienced. And all service will be excellent. She asked me to strip and then proceeded to take her kurta off. She then proceeded to give me a Spanish by massaging my erection in between her boobs while her thumbs caressed its head. Very soon her fingers were playing with my balls and dick, touching and rubbing causing various sensations in me. She was wearing her pajamas and I tried to put my hand inside. I told him I'd choose after they finish their lunch and came back to the front room. I was asked to come to this area and call the number again. Place is pathetic, and massage she has so so knowledge, but I was looking for butt massage and fun so in that department she is good. Incidentally they also offer a sandwich massage with 2 girls for We started talking too and she said her name was Seema and that she is from UP. She then took her bra off, climbed over me on the table and proceeded to give me a massage with her boobs. No air-con but a ceiling fan provided a cool breeze and the windows were covered by a thick curtain that kept any heat away. The massage was excellent and the pressure applied was correct and lead to a feeling of instant relaxation. She is eager to please and wants you to return. She slowly started playing with the bum. Paid 1 K counter amount to her, she is quite cooperative and friendly, is a Kerala female from Bangalore, so knows Hindi and English. I was then asked to turn over and she started from the foot again. Curse my fate, I remembered I did not have that amount on me. I asked for a BBBJ and she said she can give me one, along with a completely nude massage, for extra! Her fingers were constantly playing with my balls underneath and proceeding to rub around the anus. So the Aunty it was. This place is located in Secunderabad cantonment near a landmark local cafe. Did long deep DFK, opened top and gave free access to boobs, lowered bottom and gave full access to fully shaven pussy. The whole thing was over in around minutes.

Naked image of sexy girl

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Naked image of sexy girl

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