Children who excel in this training were encouraged to form their own reconnaissance and sabotage groups and begin to fight. Despite these measures, the government did not demonstrate overall increasing anti-trafficking efforts compared to the previous reporting period; therefore, Ukraine is placed on Tier 2 Watch List for the fourth consecutive year. Some Ukrainian children and vulnerable adults are subjected to forced begging. Former patients say the hospital saved their lives. We were powerless before such huge men. In addition, self-proclaimed separatist leader Aleksandr Zakharchenko has allegedly stated that children as young as 14 are fighting in his rebel unit. Portrayal in media[ edit ] The themes of prostitution and sex trafficking has been prominent in the Ukrainian media over the past few years.

Prostitution sex trafficking in ukraine

Various protective measures were available for victims who testified at trial, but in practice these measures were rarely applied, and trafficking victims serving as witnesses were often not treated in a victim-sensitive manner. The trafficking law affords foreign victims the right to remain in the country, but that right is not explicitly incorporated into the Law on the Legal Status of Foreigners; as a result, foreign victims have had difficulties obtaining legal status to stay in Ukraine and be eligible to receive ongoing access to victim services. Former patients say the hospital saved their lives. Courts have the authority to order compensation for victims that sought restitution, but corruption, unavailability of assets, and low effectiveness of the enforcement process hampered the administration of these decisions. The government drafted legislation to amend employment laws to allow certified foreign victims to work legally, as provided in the trafficking law; these amendments were not submitted to the legislature by the close of the reporting period. Olya, a year-old survivor from a small town in central Ukraine, travelled to Moscow with a friend in on the promise of a job selling Chinese products in a market. The government, in coordination with IOM, trained over 2, officials on victim identification and assistance in , compared with officials in The trafficking law entitles victims to receive free temporary housing at a government shelter, psychological assistance, medical services, employment counseling, and vocational training. The recruitment of children by militant groups took place on territory not under the control of the central government and in areas where the government was unable to enforce national prohibitions against the use of children in armed conflict. The number of trafficking convictions declined sharply, continuing a multi-year decline, and nearly 70 percent of convicted traffickers were not penalized with imprisonment. Victim identification remained inadequate, and only a small portion of victims assisted by NGOs were referred to care or certified by the government. International donors continued to provide the majority of funding for anti-trafficking activities and assistance to victims. Most victims requiring shelter stayed at a rehabilitation center run by an international organization. Once they arrive in their destination country, they are frequently trapped by pimps taking away their visas, or by owing the pimps money to be paid off with prostitution. The government received more applications requesting official victim status and approved a significantly higher proportion of them: The country has long been a regional trafficking hub. Pimping an underage minor below 14 years makes the term eight to fifteen years. The government convicted 25 traffickers in under article , a continued decline from 57 in and in They were huge and had guns. The IOM estimates that more than , people have been trafficked from the country since independence in Based on article , pimping of a minor below 18 years is a crime that is punishable by imprisonment of five to ten years. Law enforcement investigated trafficking offenses in , compared with in They took me and another girl. GRETA reported the provision of assistance was problematic due to funding shortfalls and shortage of trained staff. Authorities initiated prosecutions of 59 cases in under article , but provided no number for comparison to

Prostitution sex trafficking in ukraine

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Human Trafficking in Ukraine

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Prostitution sex trafficking in ukraine

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    The traffickers say they will work as dancers or in store clercks. The number of trafficking convictions declined sharply, continuing a multi-year decline, and nearly 70 percent of convicted traffickers were not penalized with imprisonment.


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