I found the scene with the Great Strategist fascinating - I love the idea of playing a chess game and then realizing that your opponent expects you to follow the rules but will themselves ignore them as they see fit. While I respected both aspects, neither of which were really for me. Author — i Wonder where in morroco.. Author — scatterbrained Wait why does Charlotte need two days off? And Charlotte deserves better. Outside of that passage, however, the rest of the scene descended into too much stream of consciousness for my taste.

Secret ending sex and the city

She's an upper east side housewife, who doesn't work and has a nanny to help. Author — Camilla Who the heck relaxes like that anyway? What about her anxieties over being a bad mom or that she thought her husband would cheat on her? The foreword and afterword certainly help highlight this fact. One of the authors wrote that he and his brother had come up with detailed notes on how the world of the Experiment worked - now THAT is something I'd be interested in. Author — Wtf does she lay in that position the whole movie Author — I wish I had a lesbian nanny so all my problems could go away Author — Freya McCullough I am curious what book Carrie would have written about if the Third film happened? Author — Shoggy 17 What married couple watch tele together in a gown with full hair and makeup in the evening?? Author — Heather Howard That's it? I understand how the authors were trying to show how easily someone can go with the flow or be swayed to different ideals, but even from the get-go with Andrei's naivety he was always a raging misogynist. I tend to prefer my novels with a bit more escapism - generally escaping to a place that either is better than our world or is being actively made better by a likeable protagonist, not a grim setting that neither improves nor greatly degrades following a detestable stand-in for the everyman. It's always challenging reading a book once you've realized the protagonist isn't worth rooting for. Two couples should split an apartment and chill there to unwind. In the end I feel I have been enriched by this book, but I have no interest in ever reading it again nor can I strongly recommend it. And with high heels on! She was so one dimensional it was painful. Sitting upright and uptight on the couch with her legs neatly crossed like a royalty at an event, and styled like she is about to attend a wedding or something, wtf? The political examination was consistently gloomy which is unsurprising given the setting in which this novel was written , and the sci-fi was a bit too hard to follow through the surrealism. What's the deal with the Mentors? Author — scatterbrained Wait why does Charlotte need two days off? While I respected both aspects, neither of which were really for me. Are there any explanations for the excessive weirdness? The protagonist is not a good person. The book also jumps between a fairly straightforward political examination and surrealist science fiction. At first, when you're still trying to get a handle on the world the book takes place in and its inhabitants it's harder to figure out what kind of person the protagonist, Andrei, is. The novel has distinct seg This book is important from a historical and political stand point. Mothers don't take days off from their children! Author — Halcyon Zhang I seriously can't stand the fact that Charlotte was portrayed so weak in this film.

Secret ending sex and the city

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Secret ending sex and the city

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