Sandy aka Foxy Loxy in those days! At lunchtime the girls played records in the cafeteria and we'd dance to the tunes of the 60's as the guys would play ping pong and pool and who would steal glances at us while we danced. My younger brother Mark lives in Smithtown with his wife and 2 kids, 16 and It would be great to hear from my old classmates. Before that he lived in Springfield Gardens.

Sex addiction article by james kirby phd 26 january 2007

After high school, I went to Antioch College, then got a Ph. Feldman, Debby Dubsky - ddubsky sbcglobal. We are in Florida since It's nice to see I'm not the only one with pangs of nostalgia about Laurelton. One of them, Rosalyn Irwin turns out to be my neighbor. I retired after 38 years in Education, mostly as an Algebra teacher thanks to fabulous Mr. Fischer, Rita - ritavfisch comcast. Auslander, Judy Princer - heyjude aol. Conrad, Joan Samson - joan yahoo. Feingold, Joan Hoffman - barryath aol. Helene Kuskin Abramowitz, Louis - loua aol. Eisner, Larry - Andrew Jackson H. I've been living in California more than half my life, now, but I'm still a Yankee fan and a lover of NY pizza. Ellen is as beautiful now as she was in Safrans and Prills were my cousins. I wonder what happened to the kids I knew. I lived in Rosedale from approx. Marty Rosenthal, Alan Nodelman I did have dinner with you not too long ago,it was great but we lost touch again , Billy and Barry Rost. Now we are old enough to appreciate what that sense of close community means, and how much it shaped who we all are today. Interstingly it fits into a second "Curta Cup" that I have obtained that is used to mount the calculator to a clipboard for the rally navigator to use, but my first year production Curta II will not fit into the same cup. I lived at st street, I went to P. It had more of a Long Island "feel. We called it Laurelton, some called it Rosedale. Sygoda, and the math teacher who taught us calculus, but I can't remember his name. I actually grew up on th Ave. Moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico in Lots of memories going through this site.

Sex addiction article by james kirby phd 26 january 2007

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Sex addiction article by james kirby phd 26 january 2007

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    I often think of Laurelton, my friends, the neighborhood, school and fabulous food.


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