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Sons of sailors sex tales

With her head thrown back a little, and her mouth open in a half- smile, Nalini had totally surrendered to the joy of being fucked lovingly by her stud son and was enjoying every moment of incestuous bliss! Incest is definitely not for people like that stupid Austrian father who imprisoned his daughter in a dungeon for many years, or for many others like him who hog the headlines by being stupid about sex within the family. Love the way you do that … you bad boy! I wanted to see more. When I saw her flirting with one of our junior managers, I realized that my horny wife could encourage another man to soothe the itch between her legs. I knew it would never be like that with Rajesh. Nalini has never been ashamed or apologetic about her enormous appetite for sex. Occasionally, Rajesh alternated his slow and sensual fucking with a flurry of quicker thrusts that made his mother cry out in ecstasy. Rajesh groaned and pulled out of his mother, lying back on the bed as she quickly moved over to wrap her full lips firmly round his swollen cock. Although I regretted that I could no longer satisfy her in bed, I did not know what to do. The clever boy knew that the longer he stayed erect, the more his mother could enjoy the delicious friction of his long, thick penis as he stuffed her hungry pussy with it! I have never been a strict father, but my son was obviously worried about my reaction to his taboo- breaking love affair with his mother. Rajesh kissed his mother eagerly, his fingers digging into her big, full buttocks as his long, thick penis slithered in and out of her clutching, sucking cunt at a steady pace. I hang out with a couple of them just to keep up appearances and avoid unnecessary speculation. Needless to say, our lovemaking and fucking was even more passionate than usual that morning! That would have been a disaster! At such times, Nalini hugged her son with her thighs and her heels would dig into his buttocks to keep him inside her just a little bit longer. By this time, I had also taken out my own cock to play with it. While people everywhere are destroying each other with hatred, prejudice and narrow-minded thinking, my son and I really appreciate the fact that we can enjoy a hot and loving fuck-session anytime we feel like it! Instead of risking deadly disease and getting an undeserved reputation as a cheap woman by fooling around with other men, Nalini had been smart enough to see the obvious benefits of having a virile and well- hung son who adored her. A strict and boring man, my father would have most likely beaten me black and blue, or told me to get out of the house forever. Of course there are those special nights when we do enjoy some gloriously good mother-son sex. People who are determined to find fault with us can always do so because they will get plenty of support from the media industry, which is only eager to sensationalize stories of abuse and spread negative ideas about incest. Both my daughters and I agree it is sweet music to our ears to hear my dear, darling son say such wonderful things! She also takes care to lick and coddle his balls in her mouth. Stupid, ignorant and uneducated people will only mess things up if they make any attempt to embark on an incestuous relationship. I took care to slink away silently from my wife and son and let myself out of the house.

Sons of sailors sex tales

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Sons of sailors sex tales

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