At that time, the statement that governments should receive their powers only "from the consent of the governed" was radical indeed. This population growth contrasts strongly with that of other northern and eastern states which increased very little between and , and actually decreased in some: Others argue that the ERA failed because too many men used such fears as an excuse to protect their own interests. Statistics on reported rape and sexual assault were not regularly updated. In some ways, these "mini-cities" represent a change in direction: Rather, they are seen as the natural "unalienable" rights of every American, which had been fought for and won. The average incomes of American Indians, blacks, and Hispanics continue, as a whole, to be lower than those of whites.

United states sex crime statistics

On the average, they earned less than men. Yet, few Americans today feel that easy answers will be found to these difficult problems. Discuss the pros and cons. It was soon clear that this loose agreement among the states was not working well. Several other nations have based their own forms of government on it. As a result, there have been a large number of law suits in which women claim, for instance, that a man was given a position although a woman was equally or better qualified. Others, however, believe that such developments reflect a liberalization in American life. Many support houses for abused women, and cases involving sexual harassment are being more actively prosecuted in many parts of the country. Thousands of people there need better housing, medical treatment, and other services. Their average educational level was lower, and in some cases they were discriminated against in both law for example, divorce cases and financial matters for example, getting a loan. The fact that a much smaller proportion of Americans are poor today than they were 50, 75, or years ago does not provide much comfort for Americans concerned with the problem of poverty. It made Americans more willing to "get up and go" somewhere else in search of something better. America's "manifest destiny," her mission to 12 expand her territory all the way across the continent in order to provide room for future generations, had been completed. From to , the South and West had almost 85 percent of the total U. Any poverty rate, to them, is unaccept- able, although there may be broad disagreement on what to do about it. One foreign expert complained, for example, that the complexity of just the cities' political and governmental structure is "almost unbelievable. More than two-thirds of the women between 25 and 44 are employed, and some 55 percent of married women with children work outside the home today. Something new was under the sun: Among the areas with many people below the poverty level is Appalachia, that mountain region which includes parts of such states as West Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee. In the course of one year alone, some 39 million Americans moved to a different house. It brought forth restlessness, that "wanting to move on," which many observers still see in Americans today. In the past ten years or so, there has also been a noticeable movement out of the central cities to the suburbs. Americans expect their governments to serve them and tend to think of politicians and governmental officials as their servants. It strengthened the spirit of independence: This is the point where the country would balance if only the weight of the population were considered.

United states sex crime statistics

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United states sex crime statistics

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